W-1650 Bonding Primer

INDUSTRIES: Architectural, Industrial, & Commercial Coating

W-1650 Bonding Primer?is a unique engineered technology designed for difficult-to-coat surfaces, such as Kynar 500? and silicon polyester coatings. It also offers excellent adhesion to most coating types, bare metal and vinyl surfaces. Along with excellent adhesion properties, this advanced chemistry provides early water resistance, will not flash rust, and is compatible with any NeverFade? topcoat. W-1650 is field-applied, water-based, and low VOC and can be applied by spray, brush or roll.


COLOR: Gray, other colors upon request
TYPE: Water-Based
VOC: 21 g/l
RECOMMENDED FILM THICKNESS: 3-4 mils (wet) 1-1.25 mil (dry)
COVERAGE: 400-535 sq ft/gal
DRY TIME: 15-30 minutes touch; 6 hours to re-coat


  • Water-Based
  • Very Low VOC
  • Excellent Adhesion
  • Can be Applied
    to New and Aged Kynar? 500 Coated Surfaces
  • Resistant to Flash Rust
  • Provides Early Water Resistance
  • Easy to Clean or Flush with Water
  • Applies Easily with Conventional Spray Equipment, Roller or Brush
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Various Bare Metal Surfaces
  • Aged Siliconized Polyester
  • Kynar? 500 Coated Surfaces
  • Powder Coated Surfaces

Other substrates are acceptable, contact APV Engineered Coatings’ Technical Department for approval and application specifications.

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