CATEGORY: Maskant Materials

Developed for customer convenience, Ready-to-Use or R.T.U. slurries are delivered pre-mixed to the appropriate consistency, weighed, and measured so there is no need to prepare the slurry on-site, realizing cost and time savings.

R.T.U. slurries can be incorporated into the high temperature coating masking systems (R.T.U. M-7/B-4, M-10/B4, M-107/B4) where diffusion coating processes are above 1500°F or incorporated into the low temperature coating masking system (R.T.U. M8/B-4) where diffusion coating processes are below 1500°F.

APV’s R.T.U. slurries allow the mixture to remain in suspension for significantly longer periods of time than on-site prepared slurries. As eco-friendly attributes are always a basis for our product innovations, the R.T.U. slurries can be covered and re-used, significantly eliminating waste.

  • Remain in suspension for long periods
  • Do not settle out
  • Reusable
  • Eliminates waste

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