Putty & Tape

CATEGORY: Maskant Materials

APV offers a line of masking putty and tape as alternatives to masking coatings and powders for diffusion products.

M-10 Maskant Putty

M-10 masking putty is a moldable putty containing the M-10 maskant. It is available in 4 x 4 inch squares. M-10 putty can be used as an adjunct to masking dry and slurry maskants. No surface preparation required.

M-1 Maskant Tape

M-1 masking tape is a highly flexible tape containing the M-1 maskant. It is supplied in 25 foot rolls, 0.050 inch thick, in widths ranging from 3/8 inch to 8 inches. It is also available as stamped custom preforms, which are often used as gaskets on turbine blade bottoms to prevent coating leakage. The tape protects blade roots when coating internal passages, especially when internal coating manifolds are distorted from continued use. M-1 tape can be used as an adjunct to slurry and/or dry masking processes in difficult-to-mask areas such as near blade platforms.

  • Moldable
  • Protects distorted manifolds
  • Useful for difficult masking requirements

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