Tire & Rubber Lubricants

APV’s wide range of solvent-based and water-based mold release agents, mandrel lubes, and other anti-stick coatings fit just about every need. We manufacture effective, economically smart, and environmentally safe mold release agents that will work at a wide range of curing temperatures. These high tech release agents and lubricants have consistently proven to offer a superior mold release performance on a broad variety of surfaces.

Bead & Machine Mounting

These lubricants are specifically designed for high production tire mounting on uniformity balancing machines and can also be used for mounting tires.


APV’s bladder lube and release coating is a silicone-based lube that air dries to form the coating. It is used on new bladders or as a refresher for old bladders.

Inside Tire

APV’s inside tire lubricants are specifically formulated to provide excellent release from a tire mold while promoting rubber flow and air bleed. Our tire lubricants are available in solvent-based or water-based formulations. APV also offers both reactive and non-reactive lubricants to meet your requirements.

Mandrel & Pan

APV offers a complete line of solvent-based and water-based mandrel lubricants for both bent and rigid mandrels. APV also offers pan lubricants for the hose and automotive industries. They provide superior anti-stick properties with no residue or contamination. These state-of-the-art lubricants meet the high demands of production output with excellent performance qualities and reduced rejection rates.

Mold Release

Mold release lubricants from APV are available as a curable or noncurable silicone based product. Based on your application, choose curable for a semi-permanent coating or noncurable for use as a multi-release mold lubricant.

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