Jet Printing (DOD) Ink

PRODUCT CODE: D-Series & T-Series

APV offers a full line of Jet Printing Inks for alpha-numeric identification and inventory labeling on rubber components. Applied via DOD (drop on demand) printers and engineered specifically for the REA JET? Large Character Ink Jet Printer System, Jet Printing Inks can be applied during various steps of the tire production process. This includes compound mixing, calendaring, tread extrusion, and final finish. Supplied in water-based and solvent-based chemistries, Jet Printing Inks provide bright, high resolution dots, dry quickly, and do not transfer onto the mold.

The REA JET? Large Character Ink Jet Printer System” is a German-made non-contact printer that offers several features for OEM operators, such as high resolution dots for a continuous stream of alphanumeric coding, 2D bar codes, and high resolution logos and graphics. APV’s Engineering Team also offers custom formulations for unique applications.

Solvent Based Colors

  • D-1964 White
  • D-2110 Red
  • D-3125 Orange
  • D-4936 Yellow
  • D-5910 Green
  • D-6095 Blue
  • D-1316 Disappearing

Water Based Colors

  • T-1223 White
  • T-2268 Red
  • T-3387 Orange
  • T-4266 Yellow
  • T-5650 Green
  • T-6651 Blue
  • T-1298 Disappearing
  • Excellent adhesion to rubber
  • Dries quickly
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Makes real time coding & traceability easy to implement
  • HAP free (Solvent-Based)
  • VOC free (Water-Based)
  • Does not produce mold fouling (Water-Based)

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