Bead Marking Ink

PRODUCT CODE: DH-Series & TA-series

Bead Marking Inks are applied to uncured bead rings during the assembly process for coding and identification purposes. The inks are co-curable, have exceptional adhesion to internal rubber components, and do not act as a contaminant. An industry staple for tire manufacturers, the use of this product has shown a significant reduction in defects and waste during production.

Bead Marking Inks are available in a non-hazardous, water-based formulation (TA series) as well as solvent-based (DH series). The inks are packaged in 8 oz. bottles with a cap and nozzle for easy application and offered in a wide variety of colors.

Solvent Based Colors

  • DH-1611 White
  • DH-2330 New Red
  • DH-2570 Red
  • DH-2944 Pink
  • DH-2834 Brown
  • DH-3676 Orange
  • DH-4313 New Yellow
  • DH-4912 Yellow
  • DH-5675 Green
  • DH-6677 Blue
  • DH-6688 Light Blue
  • DH-7678 Lavender

Water Based Colors

  • TA-1120 White
  • TA-2120 Red
  • TA-2140 Brown
  • TA-3120 Orange
  • TA-4120 Yellow
  • TA-5120 Green
  • TA-6120 Blue
  • Excellent adhesion to rubber
  • Dries quickly
  • Easy to apply
  • Helps reduce scrap
  • Wide variety of colors
  • Does not produce mold fouling (Water-Based)
  • No VOCs (Water-Based)
  • Non-flammable (Water-Based)
  • Non-hazardous (Water-Based)

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