CATEGORY: Forging Lubricants

GraForge? is a graphite-based lubricant concentrate designed for high temperature alloys and non-ferrous metals during hot metal forging.

The formula is water-dispersible and provides a protective film on the die surface, while minimizing temperature variations throughout the forging process by acting as a barrier to heat transfer. Together, these features lead to an extension in the lifecycle of the die.

GraForge has excellent slip properties. By reducing friction in the process, the metal flow and fill improves and creates an easy release from the die.

GraForge? is a high performance and durable product that as been proven in the industry to reduce defects and minimize scrap.

  • Reduces Friction
  • Improves Metal Flow
  • Excellent Release
    • Protects Die and Extends Die Life
    • Excellent in Extrusion Applications
    • Barrier to Heat Transfer
    • Reduces Defects in Finished Products


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