CATEGORY: Concentrates

ZyMER is the only commercially available rubber compound technology that successfully transfers the advantages of carbon nanomaterials into a variety of elastomer products. Using Zyvex Technologies’ Kentera® technology, ZyMER is an ideal method to improve the mechanical and electrical performance of rubber compounds.

ZyMER is an advantage over other toughening agents or metals in rubber. Improving tear strength by as much as 50%, ZyMER additives do not negatively impact rubber’s elasticity and translates into more efficient manufacturing rubber products, such as gaskets, belts, and bladders. ZyMER is also suitable for conductive electrostatic dissipation applications previously impossible for rubber products. Contact an APV Nano Fusing technical representative to learn more.

  • Improves tear strength
  • Improves elongation
  • Passes Demattia Flex ASTM D813-07 Testing

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