Binders, Concentrates & Slurries

APV dispersing capabilities produces custom aqueous binders, concentrates, and slurries for OEM and material coaters. APV has the ability to handle, process and ship toxic and flammable materials under safe and acute quality control measures.

Binders & Specialty Coating Materials

APV has the capability to disperse a diverse range of solvents with high performance resins, such as NMP and PVDF, for customized binder and slurry materials used in electrode preparation in Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing. We procure battery grade components and instill processing techniques that produce binders that are pure, free of contaminants and moisture, and completely dispersed with uniform particle distribution. Processing methods range from high or low shear mixers, three-roll mills, horizontal mills, among others, which are controlled with exceptional filtration systems.


ZyMER is the only commercially available rubber compound technology that successfully transfers the advantages of carbon nanomaterials into a variety of elastomer products. Using Zyvex Technologies’ Kentera® technology, ZyMER is an ideal method to improve the mechanical and electrical performance of rubber compounds.