Tire & Rubber Goods

APV has grown alongside the tire industry in Akron, Ohio. Today, we provide a comprehensive product line for every step of the tire making and rubber manufacturing process. This includes: rubber cements, marking inks (for striping, alpha numeric coding via inkjet or offset printing), outside tire or precure paints, lubricants, repair paints, rubber marking crayons, dot markers, and much more. APV also has a full line of water-based products that address the VOC and emissions regulations for production facilities.

Products for the Tire and Rubber Industry:

Bead & Machine Mounting Lube

These lubricants are specifically designed for high production tire mounting on uniformity balancing machines and can also be used for mounting tires.

Bead Dip Cement

Bead dip cement is a water-based adhesive specifically formulated for uncured bead rings used in new tire manufacturing. The product secures the bead into place while it proceeds through the tire building process and will cure in an autoclave.

Bead Marking Ink

Bead Marking Ink, also referred to as TA-series ink, is a water-based, co-curable product that is typically used in tire manufacturing to mark uncured bead rings for identification purposes.

Bladder Lube

APV’s bladder lube and release coating is a silicone-based lube that air dries to form the coating. It is used on new bladders or as a refresher for old bladders.

Crayons/Ply Markers

The fugitive crayons, also referred to as ply markers, are safe for internal use on uncured rubber surfaces such as calendared material, plies, bead rings, etc. When used in production, fugitive crayons do not act as contaminants and will not cause delamination. The product is available in a variety of colors.

Cure Indicator Ink

Cure Indicator Ink is a solvent-based ink that changes color to give an indication when a rubber compound has been fully cured. It is applied by gravity-feed through a Beugler? striping wheel or offset printer to differing rubber substrates. It can also be engineered for different application transfers.

Decals & Stencil Ink

Decals are applied by transferring the lettering and/or logo onto a rubber surface or tire sidewall using a post-cure heat transfer method (time, temperature, and pressure). As an alternative, Stencil Inks can be spray applied in order to enhance race tire sidewalls, hoses, golf grips, and other cured rubber product surfaces requiring a logo or brand name.

Dot Markers

Dot Markers are typically used in tire manufacturing to denote high point, conicity, and pass/fail marks. The dots help to ensure synchronization of the tires during the rim assembly process and when mounting a tire.

APV eCoolRoof®

APV eCoolRoof is a white, field-applied, cool roof coating system engineered to significantly increase the emissivity and total solar reflectance properties of a roof’s surface. The product’s reflectivity is warranted for 10 years, which is more than three times longer than conventional elastomeric acrylic coatings. APV eCoolRoof meets and exceeds the Cool Roof Rating Council’s (CRRC) standards for cool roof coatings.

Inside Tire Lube

APV’s inside tire lubricants are specifically formulated to provide excellent release from a tire mold while promoting rubber flow and air bleed. Our tire lubricants are available in solvent-based or water-based formulations. APV also offers both reactive and non-reactive lubricants to meet your requirements.

Jet Printing Ink

Jet Printing Ink is engineered specifically for the REA JET? Large Character Ink Jet Printer System. Typically, the ink is used for alpha-numeric identification and inventory labeling on rubber components. It can be applied during various steps in the tire production process and is supplied in water-based or solvent-based chemistries.

Mandrel & Pan Lube

APV offers a complete line of solvent-based and water-based mandrel lubricants for both bent and rigid mandrels. APV also offers pan lubricants for the hose and automotive industries. They provide superior anti-stick properties with no residue or contamination. These state-of-the-art lubricants meet the high demands of production output with excellent performance qualities and reduced rejection rates.

Marking Inks

APV’s line of Marking Inks are multi-purpose and can be applied to both internal and external rubber components. Custom formulations are available for specific applications and performance requirements such as permanent/temporary marking, curable/co-curable properties, resistance to heat & abrasion, viscosity, dry time, color, automatic/manual application and more.

Mold Release

Mold release lubricants from APV are available as a curable or noncurable silicone based product. Based on your application, choose curable for a semi-permanent coating or noncurable for use as a multi-release mold lubricant.

Pad Ink

Pad Ink is an solvent-based, acrylic ink used to mark graphics, logos, and/or other markings onto a variety of materials including rubber, plastics, glass, ceramics, steel, aluminum, paper, and lacquer coated surfaces. For tire and other rubber applications, both curable and co-curable formulations are available.

Pre-Cure Outside Tire Paint

This water-based paint is used on unvulcanized rubber tires and other rubber surfaces including sheet rubber. The pre-cure paint creates space, which improves air-bleed and provides a uniform fluid flow. As a result, the look of the finished tire is significantly enhanced.

Repair Paint

Rubber repair paint is used in new tire and retread manufacturing and applied to cured rubber surfaces in the final finish stage. The product hides blemishes, crayon marks, and other minor defects and enhances the look of the finished tire.

Sidewall Protective Paint

Sidewall protective paint is a superior sprayable, blue-colored paint typically used on cured white lettering, white sidewall panels, and APV’s heat transferred decals. The product protects the white rubber from scuffing- (caused when tires are stacked for storage and shipping), handling, UV light damage, as well as the adverse effects of oils & resins emitted after curing.

Stamping Ink

Stamping Ink is a white ink used on external surfaces, such as sidewalls, for inventory recording purposes. The product is applied by a rubber stamper and can easily be removed with a damp cloth.

Tire Writers

APV’s tire writers are water-based and can be removed easily with water. This product is used to mark cured tires or rubber goods for inspection and identification purposes in the manufacturing process.

Transfer Inks

APV’s line of Transfer Inks are used to transfer graphics or identification markings to an extensive variety of substrates. Available in solvent-based or water-based chemistries, these inks are applied via offset, transfer wheel, or direct application. Our transfer inks can be custom engineered to adhere to all substrates including rubber, plastics, glass, ceramics, and metals such as steel and aluminum.

Tread Cement

Tread cement is a water-based adhesive formulated for use on multiple components of a tire in new tire manufacturing. The product is applied to uncured rubber compound, such as the underside of extruded tread, splices, and skives, to adhere these components together.

Tread Striping Ink

Tread striping ink is typically used in tire manufacturing to mark the centerline of a tire or extruded rubber tread for coding and identification purposes during production. Tread striping inks are HAPS-free, which allows our customers to meet EPA restrictions. They have consistently proven to reduce defects and waste, and are available in a broad range of vibrant colors & viscosities.

UV/Disappearing Crayons

The UV marking crayon (C-0303) is specifically designed to mark a rubber surface with visibility under UV identification and inspection cameras. The product is compatible with uncured rubber surfaces and is not visible after curing. This crayon fluoresces under 365 nm ultraviolet light. It is a valuable tool for identification and quality control procedures in rubber manufacturing.

UV-Readable Ink

APV’s line of UV-readable ink is used to invisibly mark tires or rubber surfaces. This ink dries colorless when applied to extruded rubber, and becomes highly visible as a white fluorescent color when exposed to ultraviolet light. It is invisible to the naked eye and co-cures with the tire or rubber part during molding.

ZEVOC® Retread Cement

ZEVOC® retread cement is the first patented water-based cement for cured rubber substrates. The product is typically used in retread manufacturing and tread manufacturing to adhere a new tread to a buffed carcass or to prep a tread for retread manufacturers. Although this product is water-based, has zero VOCs, and no HAPS, its adhesion ability matches or exceeds solvent-based alternatives.

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