APV Nano Fusing LLC, a subsidiary of APV Engineered Coatings, offers engineering and manufacturing services to businesses looking to enhance their products with nanotechnology. APV Nano Fusing produces custom liquid concentrates infused with carbon nanotubes or graphene. The supplied concentrate allows manufactures to letdown the product into their specified material. The company operates in a facility at APV Engineered Coatings’ location, which was strategically constructed and outfitted to handle the dispersing process in a controlled and safe environment. This proprietary dispersing method is called NanoFusing®.

NanoFusing® is a patent-pending precisely controlled manufacturing process, which safely and accurately pre-disperses carbon nanotubes (CNTs) into a customer specified liquid base resin or material. The result is a nano-enhanced concentrate or matrix. The technologically advanced equipment, as well as the innovative setup was engineered to accommodate various loading levels, binding agents, dispersion requirements, and capacity variances. The result is a completely customized concentrate with consistent and accurate particle size distribution in every batch.

Concentrates can be implemented into metals, plastics, elastomers, coatings, and bio-materials to create substrates that are 10x stronger and significantly lighter. Depending on the application, manufacturers can customize the conductive, optical, and thermal properties as well.

Manufacturing Capacity

The NanoFusing Facility can produce small scale pilot batches to large production scale batches.

Safety Assurance

The NanoFusing facility was constructed in accordance with the EPA’s guidelines for cleanrooms and nano particle handling. APV designed the facility as an automated process to ensure that operators and chemists have minimal exposure to the nano particles. All precautions and exposal procedures of the hazardous waste are managed on a continual basis.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Zyvex Technologies licensed the patented and unprecedented Kentera? technology, a method that helps to functionalize any type of carbon nanomaterial allowing it to sustain exceptionally high intrinsic properties.

Commercial Products:

Epovex is a structural adhesive for carbon fiber engineered with carbon nanotubes. It allows our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products with the confidence that the latest in materials technology is hard at work. Epovex provides superior bonding strength through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes in the 2-part epoxy adhesive.

ZyMER is the only commercially available rubber compound technology that successfully transfers the advantages of carbon nanomaterials into a variety of elastomer products. Using Zyvex Technologies’ Kentera® technology, ZyMER is an ideal method to improve the mechanical and electrical performance of rubber compounds.

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