Electronics & Energy

Energy efficiency and materials durability are key trends in the electronics market and there’s no exception for lithium ion batteries… one of the world’s most progressive technologies, powering everything from cell phones to electric cars. APV offers services and solutions to help enhance the performance and energy storage of this type of very high energy density battery. Our customized binders and performance materials for Li-Ion battery manufacturing meet the specifications of electrodes in the composition of the separator.

Products for Electronics & Energy Markets:

Binders & Specialty Coating Materials

APV has the capability to disperse a diverse range of solvents with high performance resins, such as NMP and PVDF, for customized binder and slurry materials used in electrode preparation. We procure battery grade components and instill processing techniques that produce binders that are pure, free of contaminants and moisture, and completely dispersed with uniform particle distribution. Processing methods range from high or low shear mixers, three-roll mills, horizontal mills, among others, which are controlled with exceptional filtration systems.

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