APV’s relationship with the automobile industry dates all the way back to the industry’s inception. In the early 1900s, APV was the leader in manufacturing fast-drying Japanning Enamel used on the Model-T. As Henry Ford (“any color as long as it is black”) was looking for ways to speed production and increase capacity with the introduction of the assembly line, APV’s enamel technology proved invaluable to the emerging company. Today, APV offers advanced coating technologies for many automobile components, not only for exterior, but also interior applications.

Products for the Automotive Industry:

Epovex Adhesive

Epovex is a structural adhesive for carbon fiber engineered with carbon nanotubes. It allows our customers to rapidly repair and maintain their products with the confidence that the latest in materials technology is hard at work. Epovex provides superior bonding strength through the incorporation of carbon nanotubes in the 2-part epoxy adhesive.

Decals & Stencil Ink

Decals are applied by transferring the lettering and/or logo onto a rubber surface or tire sidewall using a post-cure heat transfer method (time, temperature, and pressure). As an alternative, Stencil Inks can be spray applied in order to enhance race tire sidewalls, hoses, golf grips, and other cured rubber product surfaces requiring a logo or brand name.

Hose Dyes

Hose dyes are custom formulated to suit any performance need or hose type, including high pressure hydraulic hoses, automotive hoses, fire hoses, etc. Colors are matched to the customer’s specification.

Cure Indicator Ink

Cure Indicator Ink is a solvent-based ink that changes color to give an indication when a rubber compound has been fully cured. It is applied by gravity-feed through a Beugler? striping wheel or offset printer to differing rubber substrates. It can also be engineered for different application transfers.

Transfer Inks

APV’s line of Transfer Inks are used to transfer graphics or identification markings to an extensive variety of substrates. Available in solvent-based or water-based chemistries, these inks are applied via offset, transfer wheel, or direct application. Our transfer inks can be custom engineered to adhere to all substrates including rubber, plastics, glass, ceramics, and metals such as steel and aluminum.

Crayons & Inspection Markers

Crayons and inspection markers are ideal for industrial applications in the tire, rubber, hose, and automotive manufacturing industries. The products are low VOC and typically used to mark rubber surfaces for inspection and identification purposes

Mandrel & Pan Lubricant

APV offers a complete line of solvent-based and water-based mandrel lubricants for both bent and rigid mandrels. APV also offers pan lubricants for the hose and automotive industries. They provide superior anti-stick properties with no residue or contamination. These state-of-the-art lubricants meet the high demands of production output with excellent performance qualities and reduced rejection rates.


APV has a full line of enamel formulations. Depending on your application, we offer air-dry enamels, baking enamels, and chassis enamels. All products provide superior weatherability and durability.


VYNGUARD is a full line of custom coatings for flexible vinyl substrate. Formulated in a variety of chemistries to suit your performance requirements, VYNGUARD provides a 100% barrier to plasticizer migration.