APV supplies masking materials, aerosols, and various high performance paints to businesses operating in the aerospace industry. Our long-standing product for aluminum aircraft wheels, Aeroprite?, has proven performance and cost saving advantages with our customers. Developing coatings for specialty applications in this industry is our forté.

Products for the Aerospace Industry:


Aeroprite was developed for use in the aircraft industry as a single-coat application alternative to multi-coat systems. The most important quality of this high performance product is its excellent adhesion to aircraft-grade aluminum. The weight savings of the coating system is a great benefit to the aerospace industry.


Walkway is a non-slip safety paint that can be applied to any area with high foot traffic such as: aircraft wings, loading steps, thresholds, ramps, step plates, platforms, ladders, helicopters, radar equipment, various machinery, decking, playgrounds, boats, truck beds, golf carts, and much more!

Maskant Materials

APV Engineered Coatings has developed masking procedures and compounds to prevent coating formation on portions of alloy/superalloy parts and assemblies during high-temperature diffusion coating/processing. The APV masking system is highly credited in the gas turbine engine industry and can be utilized in the operations of diffusion coating for new or overhauled aero/jet engines and industrial engines.

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